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Webinar Audio Recordings Package - 2018

This package includes audio-only recordings from all webinars held in the year 2018. You can listen online or download the recordings and take them to go. Recordings include:

Patenting 101
Communicating the Value of What We Do
Artificial Intelligence and How it Will Impact the TTO
Anatomy of a License
IP Basics for Software Innovations
Triage 101: Assessing Early Stage Innovations
The New Bayh-Dole Rules
Prioritizing Your IP Portfolio
Founders and Initial Equity Distribution for Startups
State Sovereign Immunity and IPRs: What State Universities Need to Know
A Career in Technology Transfer
ABCs of NSF I-Corps
The Economics of Innovation - Why So Few Ideas Become Realized
Structuring Equity License Transactions for Success
Hiring a Licensing Associate: Selecting the Best Candidate
Promoting Partnerships Through Technology Showcases
US Export Controls on Technology: What You Need to Know
TTO Operating in the Red? Now What?
Critical Considerations for Bayh-Dole Compliance
December 31, 2018

AUDIO ONLY - Anatomy of a License

This is an audio-only, downloadable recording of the webinar described below.

Whether you are involved in license maintenance, finance, or patent administration, you need to understand license agreements to effectively do your job. This session will include an introduction to license agreements by describing the various sections of a typical license agreement and providing an explanation of the importance of the various terms. A discussion of the differences between license agreements for patent rights, copyright/software, and trademark will be included.
March 27, 2018

Anatomy of a License and Other Agreements

This is a recorded session from 2017's Agreeement Maintenance Course. For attendees who play a role in managing executed license agreements, the ability to read a license agreement and to understand each party's obligations under it is a key skill for doing your job effectively. This session will help attendees understand the obligations - both your institution's and the licensees' - owed under license agreements. Using examples, this session will provide an explanation of the sections and terms of typical license agreements, with attention to those most relevant to administrators. The session will include an interactive discussion of best practices for reporting, invoicing, and calendaring to ensure that your university receives the money, reports, and other obligations due under a license for years to come.

November 01, 2017

AUTM 2017 Agreement Maintenance Course

The AUTM Agreement Maintenance Course offers an experienced look at how to manage and maintain your office's license agreement portfolio. There are 9 sessions in this package.
November 01, 2017

Technology Transfer Essentials (Package)

This package of 7 core webinars is the basic training you need for getting started in the technology transfer profession. You will take the webinars in succession. Participants will learn
  • The basics of technology transfer and intellectual property
  • An overview of policy, compliance, terms and agreements
  • A brief history of patents, what is patentable and the U.S. patenting process
  • How to effectively communicate the value proposition
  • The basic elements of a university technology license agreement
  • The terms of joint ownership of intellectual property
  • The basics of processing and reporting under Bayh-Dole
  • How to identify, assess and manage key stakeholders
June 01, 2016
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