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FY2008 Licensing Activity Survey - Full Report

The FY2008 Licensing Activity Survey Full report provides comprehensive data and the survey summaries for U.S. and Canadian surveys.

The report also includes stories about academic inventions. With statistical contributions from 191 U.S. respondents and 37 Canadian respondents, the survey is the most comprehensive report of its kind. This statistical progress report illustrates the work of academic technology transfer offices and their benefit to our communities through innovative technologies, products and resulting startup companies.

AUTM members affiliated with a participating institution may purchase the survey at the discounted rate of $45. To make this purchase, please contact AUTM headquarters at so your affiliation can be confirmed. When confirmed via email, qualified individuals can then login on the AUTM Web site, and the special fee of $45 will be visible under "marketplace." You may then purchase the Full Report and download it from a link received on your receipt of purchase.
January 01, 2009

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