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CLE Webinar Academy

This bundle of 16 CLE-Eligible Webinars (including 4 ethics webinars) includes both recordings and upcoming live webinars. Each webinar is elibible for 1 CLE hour. Three of the currently-listed webinars are ethics-eligible, and one additional ethics-eligible webinar will be added at a later date. Current titles include:
  • Intellectual Property and Bankruptcy: When Worlds Collide
  • Big Data, Big Opportunity: The What, How, Dos and Don'ts of Licensing Data
  • Top 10 Court Decisions of the Year That Affect Licensing
  • Software Licensing: Not Your Traditional University Deal
  • Fostering Innovation in Underrepresented Groups (ETHICS)
  • Academic Institutions Also Have Secrets: Avenues for Protecting Trade Secrets in Publish-or-Perish Environments
  • AI and Precision Medicine: IP and Licensing Opportunities
  • Protecting Trade Secrets Disclosed to the FDA
  • Patent Strategy, Litigation & Applicability for Institutions of Higher Ed
  • Patent Eligibility and Technology Management: Should You Look Outside Your US Comfort Zone for Patenting Diagnostics Inventions?
  • A Comparative Analysis of Litigation in the International Trade Commission and District Court
  • Patenting COVID-19 Related Inventions
  • Assignments: The Bad and the Ugly
  • Inequitable Conduct: How to Protect Your Patents from this Unenforceability Trap (ETHICS)

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