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Tips for Successfully Negotiating and Managing MTA

This online course is designed for technology transfer professionals and other university or non-profit research institutional administrators who have MTA management responsibilities. All levels are welcome and there will be something for everyone. Once upon a time, researchers transferred materials to one another with just a hand-shake. Nowadays, material transfer agreements ("MTAs") are used for transferring biological, chemical, or human derived materials, devices, software, etc. The administration of MTAs appears to consume all money, time, and personnel allocated, while demanding more. How can we restore sanity to this process without throwing in the towel and losing sight of why we do MTAs in the first place and why they matter? This online course will present practical suggestions for managing and negotiating MTAs. Written materials will be provided, including a copy of the presentation as well as helpful checklists and an annotated bibliography with links to useful resources.
November 15, 2013

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