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AUTM Canadian Licensing Activity FY2013 Data Appendix

Highlights of the AUTM FY2013 Canadian Licensing Activity Survey (with Data Appendix) illustrate how technology transfer professionals assist researchers in bringing new products and services to market for the benefit of society and the economy. Key indicators from the Canadian survey include: 68 new startup companies formed in FY2013 (+19.3% growth over prior year); 92 (+37.3%) new commercial products created by companies licensing university technology; $710 million (+30.3%) net product sales generated; $5.62 billion (+0.83%) total research expenditures; 233 (+27.3%) new non-U.S. patent applications filed; and 240 (+34.8%) issued U.S. patents. The FY2013 survey summarizes responses from 37 Canadian institutions, including universities and colleges, as well as hospitals and research institutions.

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