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Prioritizing Your IP Portfolio

Do your technology managers have overwhelming caseloads? Are patent costs outpacing growth in licensing revenues? Are departments underreporting new inventions given their research dollars? This session will present best practices in getting the IP portfolio under control, which in turn increases staff productivity, minimizes patent costs, and positions the TTO to achieve greater success. Drawing on the real-world experiences at several universities, the panellists will share their successful strategies to optimize the IP portfolio. Examples will illustrate how these strategies helped TTO staff focus on high-potential innovations; achieved substantial cost savings by eliminating unproductive patents; and revealed the portfolio’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall strategic value. Presenters will provide advice on how to plan for strategically examining every technology in the IP portfolio. This session is ideal for TTOs with a backlogged/legacy portfolio of unprocessed disclosures as well as for those where ongoing operations need a boost in efficiency and/or effectiveness.

June 06, 2018

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