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IDEA Center at Notre Dame: A University-Run Venture Builder

The IDEA Center was started in Feb. 2017 to help the University of Notre Dame become a best-in-it's-class player in the translation of innovation and research into solutions that benefit mankind. To that end, the Center was built as a venture builder - an organization providing or accessing all resources needed to advance technologies through the commercialization process. One of the core goals of the Center was to start valuable companies. Utilizing venture building resources, combined with the commercialization engine process and access to the Notre Dame network, the IDEA Center started 27 companies in its first fiscal year of operation. During this session, presenters will showcase the five actions taken by the Center that made an impact in accomplishing Notre Dame's vision. We will also explain the Center's new operational structure, focusing on specialization compared with current structures, and discuss Notre Dame's reasons for starting the IDEA Center, describing current and future sources of funding.

January 15, 2019

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