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Agreement Compliance: Positioned for Success!

This is a recorded session from 2017's Agreeement Maintenance Course.We all celebrate the signing of a new agreement as a job well done, but living with the deal and the terms of the deal can be a full time job. Whether it is an exclusive license with a company promising to bring your technology to market, or an inter-institutional agreement with the co-owner of your intellectual property rights, how can you be sure that your partners are living up to their end of the deal? This session will focus on agreement compliance, focusing on both financial and non-financial terms. Learn about instituting pre-agreement procedures that enhance post-license compliance; convincing your colleagues that post-licensing compliance requires a "team" approach; and using checklists, correspondence templates, and your databases as tools for enhancing post-license, all while focusing on building and maintaining the relationships with your partners that are essential to getting technology and products to market and creating value.

November 01, 2017

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