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AUTM 2017 Agreement Maintenance Course

The AUTM Agreement Maintenance Course offers an experienced look at how to manage and maintain your office's license agreement portfolio. There are 9 sessions in this package.
Additional Information:
This course includes the following sessions:
  • Anatomy of a License and Other Agreements
  • IIA Maintenance - Why It's Tricky
  • Agreement Compliance: Positioned for Success!
  • Let's Talk Financials: Office Finance
  • Show Me the Money: Strategies to Get Licensees to Pay Up!
  • When Life Gives You Lemons: Handling the Inevitable Changes in Agreement Management
  • Let's Talk Financials: Royalties & Distribution of License Income
  • Let's Talk Financials: Legal Expense Review, Approval and Invoicing Licensees
  • Do I Have a Story to Tell You: Tales From the Trenches
November 01, 2017

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