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Business Development Course - Medical Device Industry

This 8-hour video course is the first of a series of AUTM courses that provide and in-depth education on a specific industry sector. This course focuses on business development in the medical device industry. Funded by the Coulter Foundation, the AUTM Business Development Course provides detailed insights into the medical device market and the pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory, business marketing and legal issues technology transfer professionals encounter when licensing medical devices. Taught by highly experienced industry professionals in the medical device sector, this course provides you with the tools you need to operate effectively in the medical device space.
Additional Information:
This video course includes the following sessions:
  • Overview of Medical Device Market and Technology Transfer Experience
  • Pre-Clinical Phase
  • Clinical and Regulatory Phase
  • The Need for Health Economics and Reimbursement
  • Legal Issues
April 20, 2014

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