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Business Development Course-Healthcare IT

This 7-hour video course provides an in-depth look at current trends and needs in the HCIT sector, IP considerations when dealing with HCIT, licensing considerations from the licensor's point of view including valuation of HCIT solutions, and how to package a deal and items to consider during negotiations. We will also learn about considerations around HCIT related topics, such as the commercialization/licensing of data and, a startup panel to discuss all things related to HCIT startup companies.
Additional Information:
This video course includes the following sessions:
  • Current Trends in Healthcare IT
  • HCIT Licensee: Working with Academic and Strategic Directions
  • Technology Transfer Office Experiences with HCIT Commercialization
  • The Influencers Every Digital Health Startup Needs
  • Licensing Data Rights
  • Legal Issues: HCIT IP and Licensing Considerations
April 20, 2016

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