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IP Awards Compliance Professional (Package)

This course will cover overall Bayh-Dole reporting compliance, demonstrate how to report inventions created under Federal sponsorship, and explain the process for reporting inventions and patents thru the NIH's iEdison database. We will review the documents, support clauses, timelines involved and discuss utilization reporting thru iEdison. It will also touch on troublesome Federal Award Terms that should be reviewed. Upon completion of the 7 modules and assessments for this certificate program, you will take the final course assessment.

After achieving a passing grade of 80%, you will receive a certificate of completion and be designated by AUTM as an "Intellectual Property Awards Compliance Professional".

Additional Information:
You will learn:
  • How to report inventions, patents and utilization reports thru iEdison
  • Familiarize yourself with the documents and timelines involved
  • How to report Jointly Owned Inventions in iEdison
  • What iEdison and primary agency reviews when a new entry is made into iEdison
  • What iEdison requires for a record to be complete (filing dates, confirmatory licenses, government support clauses).
  • Explanation of iEdison notification messages to institutions and how they can be resolved
  • .
Webinars included in the package:
  • Demystifying Government Use Rights
  • Federal Award Terms: What Do They Mean for You
  • Compliance: From the iEdison User's Perspective
  • Compliance - From the Governments Perspective
  • How to Get Your Institution Up-to-Date in iEdison
  • Federal Reporting Under Bayh-Dole; Are you Out of Compliance
  • Export Controls, MTAs, CDA and LAs, What You Still Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble
January 10, 2016

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