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Operations and Administrative Resources Package

This package contains training from AUTM Annual Meetings and Online Professional Webinar trainings and includes 5 relevant chapters from the AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual.

AUTM's Operations and Administrative Resource Package is designed to broaden skills and inspire creativity. The package of 20 webinar recordings and 5 TTP Manual Chapters, covers a wide variety of subjects from the most respected leaders in technology transfer.

Whether you're just beginning your tech transfer career, or are a seasoned professional, this investment in training will be there all day, every day and is sure to become your office's go to resource for virtual tech-transfer know-how.

Training modules included:
Anatomy of a License and other Agreements
Assessing and Improving Your Office's Performance
Bayh-Dole Reporting: How-to for Compliance Managers
Beyond the Bottom Line: Justifying Your Existence with Administration
Critical Considerations for Bayh-Dole Compliance
Effective Operations Strategies for Small TTOs
How to Keep Your Sanity While Negotiating and Managing Material Transfer Agreements
How to Meet Those Pesky Requirements in Your IIA Innovative Programs from Government Tech Transfer Offices
MTAs Made Totally Awesome!
Office Finance
Outside Counsel: Friend, Foe or Force Multiplier?
Partnering with Non-Profit Funders: Research to Commercialization
Patenting 101
Prioritizing Your IP Portfolio
Real Time Reporting for Technology Transfer
Royalties and Distribution of Income
Tech Transfer Finance: A Beginners Course
The Basics of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)
US Export Controls on Technology: What You Need to Know
Plus: 5 chapters from the TTP Manual
November 11, 2020

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